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    Website / Shopping Cart

    Web Integration

    Website / Shopping Cart Integration

    Website Shopping Cart Integration is a very easy procedure within the REDPOT CRM. All you have to do is generate Form ID’s from the CRM and follow the instructions to carryout it in your Website. In-fact you can add any form specific enquiries to be converted to leads and associated to a specific user within the CRM.

    You can also add these forms to any other Web Platform where you want to generate leads.

    Shopping Cart Integration

    The REDPOT CRM allows you to maintain all your product inventory, pricing, discount, shipping, taxes within the CRM. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the CRM to add code snippets to make appear Pricing values in the CRM.
    Perhaps once the payment is completed on your Website, it is redirected to the CRM and there is an auto-updation of payments made.  All you have to send is invoice to the customer after confirming your payments at the backend.

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