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    What is REDPOT CRM?  Get the REDPOT CRM Advantage! | Email: sales@redpotcrm.com

    Increase Sales

    REDPOT CRM allows you to maximize sales by using its integrated platform which brings together Marketing, Customer Behaviours; Streamlines Product / Services Feedback, clubbed with easy integration avenues with Social Intelligence, Digital Media (Say it be websites, shopping carts, e-advertisements).

    Intelligent reports which allows getting insights into Product to Product Sales & Revenue Comparison, Customer to Consuming Patterns, Consumer Opinions, Sales Team Performance and clubbed with integrated 360° communications from Stake Holders, Customers and Vendors.

    Other benefits of the REDPOT CRM is increasing staff productivity by bringing together ways of Standardized Communication with Customers & Vendors, Single House Repository of documents with role based access and One click snapshot of all exchanges of correspondence
    In addition, to this REDPOT CRM also allows you to have a methodical Q&A for every Customer.