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    Communication & Communication Intelligence in CRM

    Most of the businesses lose touch with their existing / prospective customers by not contacting them on a periodic basis with relevant information on offerings, new features, services etc..This leads to loss of revenue in terms of closure and no repeat business.
    For the argument sake let’s consider two types of communication

    1. Communication
    2. Communication Intelligence

    At least to see the above options may seem to have no difference except for the later one adding cousin “intelligence” to it. So shall we explore the difference?

    Now let’s set boundaries, in this case of our Target Audience - Qualified Prospects & Existing Customers

    One of the key things in Sales & Customer Relationship Management is follow-up. Now in this bustling world, do we always expect that we will have an opportunity to every time call and take good 5 minutes of your customers / prospects to educate and assert on your offerings? Practically “NO” – Let’s not debate on this as we know how hard is to retain a customer in this competitive world. So the next best way is to keep them posted on our new developments through emails.
    Now your emails are the carriers for your critical part of the “Communication Intelligence”

    So what comprises of “Communication Intelligence?”


    1. Content  -  “What to send ? “
    2. Timing  - “ When to send  ? ”
    3. Personalization – “Not on Behalf of”

    Convince him about your pitch, for example you have given a DEMO to a prospect and you are yet to receive any confirmation on the sale, naturally the customer is also hearing others, the next best thing is to send him a mail on “Case Study relevant to his industry” – so say you may do it a week after your DEMO. Let’s assume that the mailer hadn’t a response even after a week of your last communication, the next best thing is to send an email on “Testimonials” and so after a week even after a no response you can look forward to send your “New offerings / features etc”.
    So you are scripting the success of your intelligence communication by appropriate Content & Timing. Let’s not forget that we are sending it personally so therefore Personalization.

    Now the next big question “Do I have time to do all this?”

    It is not possible for someone to do this without taking the help of automation. REDPOT CRM (www.redpotcrm.com) offers this “Communication Intelligence” as part of its platform.

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