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    Case Studies

    Claims Industry UK

    Customer - PPI Claims Industry, UK

    Posted: 13th July 2012


    The Customer in here belongs to Claims Industry. Their first product to be configured on the REDPOT CRM by the customer is PPI Claims.

    What is PPI Claims?

    Mis-Sold Insurance to Lakhs of Customers across UK, when came into light by a PIL, a verdict was declared to re-fund the Mis-Sold PPI to Customers.


    Our Customer, runs the best PPI Claims Services across UK, helping customers to regain their money which has been mis-sold to them by banks & financial institutions.


    The objective of our Customer is to find out who have taken loans, insurance from banks in UK in the past period and figure out if the bank’s customers are eligible for any re-claims. If the Banks customer is eligible then the claims organization takes up their case in a legal way to see the refund reaches the customer faster and easier for a win only fee.

    In order to reach the bank’s customer, the claims agencey engages with various contact centres across the geography to reach lakhs of prospect claimants in UK.

    Apart from that, the claims agency also engages own internal teams to pursue this.

    Operational Challenges in Business Model – where REDPOT CRM has triumphed


    1. 1. Payment Terms to Contact Centres

    Claims agency engages its contact centres on
    a.Minimum Qualified Prospect Finding Fee
    b.Commission on Win Amount
    c.Based on specific stage in the sales cycle
    d.Based on Range in Number of Closures pertaining to that stage in the cycle (e.g. 10-50, gets paid x £ in remuneration)
    e.Interval Payments on Other Stages in the Sales Cycle

    Note: The commission and minimum payment on qualified prospect varies from Contact Centre to Contact Centre

    2. Agent Model

    1.The Claims agency also engages individuals as Agents to get this done. The payments are different in this case.
    2.Agents can also have sub-agents working for them
    Note: The Main agent has to define his own payment structure to sub-agents


    1. 3. Indefinite Sales Stages in Whole Cycle

    There are approximately 80 stages in the overall sales cycle, involving different areas from lead identification – quality – legal – delivery – etc..


    1. 4. Parent and Child Prospects

    Each prospect, can generate additional prospects. These additional prospects should be tagged to the original prospect.

    Note: The customer has different payment terms for parent and child prospects.

    5. Access

    Access has to be given to

    a. Internal Teams
    b. Contact Centres
    c. Agents & sub Agents

    To upload leads using excel/spread sheet, manual lead creation, monitor real time data-changes to their leads. Including Graphical snapshot of their contributions and earnings.
    It should also allows Contact Centres to Track the prospects submitted by them at a individual level, also restrictive access on editing data based on different stages in the Sales Cycle.

    6. Reports

    a. Excel Reports – Management, Internal, Contact Centres, Agents & Sub-Agents

    b. Graphical Reports - Management, Internal, Contact Centres, Agents & Sub-Agents

    Note:- Admin can set rules for users to allow then only information of prospects in a specific stage.

    7. Communication

    a. Email Exchange
    b. Approvals
    c. Document Check List
    d. Quality Check List
    e. Approvals
    f. Reminders
    g. And finer details of customer correspondence, internal approvals are tracked.

    8. Website & 3rd Party Landing Pages integration

    Integration to 3rd Party Lead Forms on Websites & other digital Media
    Customer also has done aggressive marketing on digital platform. Direct posting from the landing pages have been integrated into REDPOT CRM

    9. Dialler Integration

    Customer’s preferred contact centers, direct dialler integration has been achieved. So  


    10. Reminders to Banks

    Group reminders for teams working in a closed group. So the user can work on Alerts set by other  users in a group in their absence.

    REDPOT CRM allows customer to receive alerts on all pages of the REDPOT CRM